On demand webinar

Ask the Auditor & Customer:
Compliance in the Cloud


Tuesday April 25th, 201712:00 PM ET

Join Chris Gervais, VP of Engineering at Threat Stack, who hosted MineralTree Director of Ops, Kevin Eberman and Schellman Principal and Auditor, Ryan Buckner, to talk about:

  • The technical requirements unique to achieving compliance in the cloud
  • Steps to ensure a successful and low-pain process
  • Common pitfalls that organizations like MineralTree and yours may encounter in the process

This webinar provides a unique discussion between a real-world auditor and an experienced customer who recently went through the process.

Ryan Buckner

Ryan Buckner
Principal & Auditor


Kevin Eberman

Kevin Eberman
Director of Ops


Chris Gervais

Chris Gervais
VP of Engineering